The DIAMOND FRUIT is a mystical fruit known to give supernatural powers. The prophesy says that the DIAMOND FRUIT tree will appear when the most legendary Kush male and female in all the land unite in a divine pollination.

Kremlin is a tightly held OG. She comes from the Hardcore OG—a legend in LA. One of the best tasting OG cuts known amongst those who collect heirloom Kush. Companies like West Coast Cure were selling grams of the wax for over a $100 and really pushed the Hardcore OG when BHO started taking off back in 2012. The Russian Assassin Boyz are good friends of mine, we’ve done a few collabs, and they grow the Hardcore. 

The Kremlin OG is a newer and upgraded version of the Hardcore – rock hard structure with even more flavor and aesthetic appeal. A top shelf OG selected by Russian Assassin Boyz. She possesses the elusive terps that stick to the palate, the flavor is cleaner than air on the exhale followed by the most delicious Kush bouquet.

I’ve bred with Kremlin multiple times already. Creating crosses like Solstice and Myriad. @starlabs710, one of our Authorized Dealers placed first with the Myriad oil at the Commonwealth Cannabis Competition late last year.

She grows Diamond encrusted flowers stacked from the inside out. Very little leaves and incredibly easy to trim. Her smell alone will melt your face. Her terps vibrate in the pineal gland. The flavor, bud structure and frost put her above the top shelf OGs. An incomparable potency… body dominant high. A mesmerizing and uplifting yet narcotic, pain relief effect.

Combined with POWER, our Triangle Kush BX male, these Kush seeds contain the pristine flavors that connoisseurs have been waiting for. The POWER is a supercharged Kush male with a powerhouse ancestry of heavy hitters featuring heirloom kush like the Triangle Kush (twice), High School Sweetheart, Cherry Pie Kush, Grateful Breath, OGKB, and Underdog OG genetics.

I was on the phone with RAB just a couple months ago and I told him about the POWER male I’d been working with. He said, “Make sure you hit the Kremlin with the pollen.” So, I made the cross that week and here we are a few months later. The DIAMOND FRUIT seeds were still in the flower curing just last week. These beans are alive and very fresh.

I really wanted to put these seeds out since they represent the heritage and flavor I cut my teeth on. The strongest, heaviest kush. It made sense to start my new brand with an improved OG. This cross combines the pinnacle of Southern Cali LA genetics with the POWER Kush male to offer an OG dynamic never seen in the industry.

Thank you to everyone in the industry for the incredible and overwhelming support. I am forever grateful.